Staff, Board of Trustees, Financial Reports, Municipal Code, Agendas, Minutes, Contact Information and much more.

For non-uniform employees an overview of the El Paso City Employees’ Pension Fund, guide to retiring, and much more.

Events and essential change forms for all El Paso City retirees.


The City of El Paso has created a comprehensive retirement plan for its employees. This plan is called the El Paso City Employees’ Pension Fund (“the Plan”). This plan is the type that is commonly referred to as a “defined benefit plan.” It is funded by contributions made by the City of El Paso and by the participants. For financial reporting purposes, the Plan operates on the City's fiscal year which ends on August 31.

This website describes the Plan. It also explains how you earn a pension and what steps you need to take to claim your benefit. There is also additional information about the Plan, the Board of Trustees and the Pension Fund Staff.