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Who We Are

The City of El Paso Employees Retirement Trust is a governmental defined benefit plan subject to Section 401(a) of the United States tax code. The role of the Retirement Trust is to provide secure retirement benefits, quality information concerning those benefits, and prompt professional and courteous service that meets the highest standards of excellence. In carrying out that role, the Board of Trustees and staff are committed to act for the exclusive benefit of the Retirement Trust and its participants, manage assets of the Retirement Trust prudently, and administer benefits with impartiality.

How We Work

The Retirement Trust was established by the City of El Paso to provide participants retirement benefits. It is regulated by the El Paso Municipal Code and administered by a board of trustees composed of:

The Board of Trustees administers the Retirement Trust, directs the safekeeping and investment of funds and orders payments from the Retirement Trust in accordance with the Municipal Code. It meets monthly and conducts special meetings as required. No Trust money is disbursed for any purpose without a majority of a quorum of Board Members. All records of the Board are open to the public in accordance with Texas state law.

This site is dedicated to all City employees, especially those who participate in the Retirement Trust. We hope you find it informative and encourage your feedback and comments.